I have received my order with many thanks. I am very pleased with the presentation and packing of the watch. It was fabulous. Now i can order anything without any hesitation even if it is required to present someone as a gift. Nice effort, good job!.


Thankyou  watches, i have just received my watch well in time that was told, and its very beautiful watch as shown on the site. and the presentation that matters to me a lot is very great.. 🙂 hope i’ll continue purchasing from delawrence watches… thankyou again.


I have received my order with many thanks. I am very pleased with the presentation and packing of the watch. It was fabulous. Now i can order anything without any hesitation even if it is required to present someone as a gift. Nice effort, good job.


Unfortunately my strap was broken during my cricket match ,after it was broken i was really angry on my self ..then i called delawrence watches and tell them my situation ,,they ask me for 15 days time and after that they dispatced it my home i was so reliefed that the strap was new again ,,and there services after selling there product is excellent.


Usually there are two to three online watches companies which are providing you the china stuff and there quality is pathetic, so my believe was not there on online shops but then one of my friend told me about these guys and he showed me a rolex what a class and what an incredible quality, i was all over that watch ,,then i ordered from them and today i am very happy because there quality is on mark


I wanted my watch in max 2 days because after that i was leaving the country , firstly i thought it might be a risk but then i ordered because there watches are beautiful, but they deliverd at the exact time which i mentioned ..as in pakistan there are very less companies who are fulfilling there comitmments at time ,,but delawrence Watches have won my heart and now i am there regular customer .


delawrence watches you guys are simply best ,what a watch quality you guys are providing in these great rates,now even a common men can wear good watch,you guys are doing great keep up the good work ,may allah bless you with more success and happiness .


delawrence watches you guys are amazing …i am in london and wanted to send my brother a watch as he passed his examinations so i just called delawrence watches and tell them my problem ,they asked for my dad’s no there in lahore for confirmation ,,and watch was sent to them and it was a great surprise for my brother …so once again thankyou delawrence watches .


It was my sisters birthday and i bought a Patek Philippe from Brawatches before packing it i saw the watch it was amazing and graceful ,,the best word for that watch was a CLASS so i wrapped it in a gift paper and when she opened it ,it was amazing,,she was in love with that watch ..thankyou very much delawrence watches for giving a great smile on her face .


First of all hats off to delawrence watches for keeping one of the most amazing collection of watches in Pakistan, i bought a Hublot kingpower F1 and it was suberb its finishing was amazing even its markers and other functions were outclass,,any one now who is looking for cool watches the place is delawrence watches ..thankyou .


My range was not that much but i needed a good watch ..i buy a ck watch it solved my all problems it was good looking and very sleek watch so iam very happy and from now on i ll be there regular customer .


It was my husbands birthday and i was really confused that what should i buy for him after discussing it with my friend she told me about delawrence watches.I visited there web and it was amazing and there prices were resonable ..i bought cufflinks,and a Hublot watch and it was delivered to me at my desire date and both the things which i ordered were excellent in quality and when, I gave it to my husband and his reacton was pricless thankyou delawrence watches for making my day .


I badly wanted one chopard model until i made up my mind it was out of stock.then i started calling them about my product and within a week they arranged it for me ..that is called customer service..excellent work delawrence watches .


I bought a rolex for my dad’s birthday, and it was after 2 days when i ordered that watch ,firstly i was scared because i havent bought any thing before like this from internet but my friend told me they are best ,and before my dad’s birthday i received my watch,what a service at my given time they deliverd me the watch it was really awesome service .


I have just received breitling transocean limited edition and its awesome what a replica even i cant tell that it is original or replica,,,all function working just like original ,there weight and what a finishing i am in just love with my watch ,,,,higly reccomended for people who want to enjoy luxury at this cost ,,thank you delawrence watches ,,,,,from now on i am your one of the biggest fan and customer .


I was saving money from long time to buy an exclusive watch fro me within low rates .So after i was able to safe some handsome amount i bought a tagheuer “TITANIUM”..And yesterday i received it .Its excellent what a quality and finishing ..delawrence watches justified my saving by sendin me an excellent watch.thankyou delawrence watches .


I just received my aviators by tcs …PERFECT for me there standard sizes are amazing and there quality is so excellent and its greenish black shades are so great ..iam just thankful to these guys that they are providing an excellent quality at these rates


I was in dubai i liked there stuff and wanted to buy them..i just called them once and give them my brother detail who was coming to dubai ,they just delivered the products to his house in lahore ..what an incredible service ..thankyou delawrence watches


I just randomly visited there website and the stuff these people have i was in love with it ,within 15 mins i ordered a omega sea master and within one day it was at my place ,great service and the watch was simply awesome great finishing and just like the original …delawrence Watches is best in pakistan ..… . .… . .…. . . .….…..….. . .…. .…. .…..…. …. …. …. …..… …. …. ….….


Since long time i was willing to buy a new Wallet , but due to my work load i wasnt able to buy,because you have to give time to your family and work both,so a friend of mine told me about “delawrence Watches” and how they work and how excellent is there quality ,so i ordered a mont blanc wallet and its great , its leather ,its finishing i am happy ,So in these hectic days where you cant go for shopping “delawrence Watches are” doing excellent work .Thankyou


Recently I purchased a breitling 711 firstly i was worried a little bit because i havent done online shopping before ,my whole social gathering was buying from them and they were like ,they are awesome ,great stuff ,so then i decided to go for a watch and fill the order form and within 2 days watch was at my place….Everybody was right about them exact weight all functions working and there awesome work was what a finishing ..from now onwards i am there loyal customer.


Buying from them was really fun because they always tell us the truth ..I have to buy a perfume for my dads birthday ,Firstly i thought that these perfumes might be also replica but there representative told me that these are original perfumes and at very good rates so i touched the market and the rate was too high, so i quickly ordered the Hugo boss and it was great and its lasting is amazing ..it was pleasure dealing with you guys .


It was my best friend wedding and i was really confused what to give him as a present so i order a beautiful Rolex watch from delawrence watches,I was really concern about the packing and the box because all these things also matter ,so i was confused that should i order a original Rolex box or not ….then after discussing with them i ordered one it was beautiful with complete accesories and catalouge and what finishing of the box ,,then i was satisfied that this is the best gift for my friend …thankyou delawrence Watches .


They are the Team of there words … the days they told me before that i received my perfume , and really thanks for delivering at my desire time…this type of service in these days hardly any one is providing …from now own i am there regular customer..


This morning i received my MONT BLANC fly back …What a class .It was more good then my expectation…Unbelievable that its replica i am totally amazed ..definitely for watches u guys are best.


Thankyou for providing us these high quality replicas, so a common men can also enjoy these luxuries ..we cant even think of buying those originals and you have provided a great facility for people like us .Keep up the great work delawrence Watches.


I was just browsing on the internet and just go through there website i really liked some watches but i was dissapointed to see that they only deliver in pakistan.Then i wrote them a mail if they can deliver to my brothers house in lahore and they agreed and they made each and every thing easy for me they contacted him and confirm every thing and within 2 days watch was at his place in lahore and then he mailed it to me in saudia ….now here everyone is asking about the watch and iam having a pleasure of having this beauty.


Three days ago my watch arrived and simply it was amazing. Then i wasn’t able to understand its day and date option that how to set its time and date, I called them and it took 15 mins to me to understand the complete function , In these busy days nobody gives you that much time but delawrence watches do thats why i would reccomend every one to do there purchases from here..Once again i am very grateful that you guys treated me so well.


I am very happy the way you guys treat your customer……I am really pleased with the way you people help me in the purchase of my new mobile FERRARI, I was having a lot of questions in my mind because i have never purchased any thing like this from internet but when i received my phone, whole preception was changed about online shopping.Thanks a lot delawrence watches team because compliments have started coming by others.


Thanks a lot today i received the watch its is beautiful and i am really happy and getting ready for my next purchase which would be in sunglasses and once again thankyou delawrence WATCHES


Today i recieved my watch early in the morning.It was amazing and iam really happy with it.


Just wanted to say thanks to delawrence watches for helping me in the purchase of a ladies omega for my wife for her birthday. I visited there site and they were incredibly helpful,telling me all the detail I could ever need about that watch.I’ll definitely use them again in my future purchase.… . .…. . . .….…..….. . .…. .…. .…..…. …. …. …. …..… …. …. ….….


I bought a watch from them and after 5 months its seconds dial was not working , I call them they treated me very well as I was bit worried ,then I just courier them my watch and they send it back to me within 3 days and now mashallah its working fine ..Hatts off to there warranty department . .…. . . .….…..….. . .…. .…. .…..…. …. …. …. …..… …. …. ….….


I just order a watch 2 days before eid and they promise me it will be delivered before eid …What a service I was amazed, surprised, shocked these are the best words by which I can describe my feeling at that time when I was recieving my watch from the TCS representative…Guys keep up the great work . . .….…..….. . .…. .…. .…..…. …. …. …. …..… …. …. ….….


Brilliant service from delawrence watches , wonderful watch ! looks much better in person than the picture.Really classy , nice watch,once again brilliant keep up the good work


Very efficient service and I am very happy with my beautiful OMEGA lady matic watch . It’s in excellent quality and arrived swiftly as promised. Thank you.


Received my Tagheuer formula 1 this morning……. It’s beautiful and I am overwhelmed! Thankyou so much for all your prompt replies during purchase. Highly recommended delawrence watches to any one who wants to buy a beautiful watch .


This is to inform you that I have received my order today through TCS and the due amount Rs. 5500/- has been paid in cash to the TCS personnel upon delivery. It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you and hope to get in touch for future en devours.


Hi just wanted to post my thanks – I bought a Montblanc from them and I needed that watch in 2 days.Tcs guy was at my place one day before .I was really amazed at this kind of service and as they exactly say no hidden charges, he exactly charge me the same price which was given on website ,I had to say really honest team ….Highly recommended.


I just bought a new watch Brietling Transocean .The service I received was perfect could not be happier than this.Thank you very much .


I am working in Malaysia, I wanted to buy watches for my children in Pakistan ,I just called them and they arranged each and every thin g for me from start to end they were incredible .What a response and many many thanks to your team .


I would like to thank you guys for giving me help in buying Tagheuer Mikrograph for my brother birthday present .I gave my brother so far he has not taken it off from his wrist,and keeps looking it. He’s over the moon with it.A great birthday present for him. Once again I thank you delawrence Watches.


Congratulations on an outstanding site . I wish I had come across it sooner .I look forward to do business with you .


Congratulations on an outstanding site . I wish I had come across it sooner .I look forward to do business with you .


When I recive my watch Breitling Transocean I got thrilled, it was beyond my expectation , quality , looks everything was amazing. If you have never deal with this site,and are nervous ,You have no need to be. Brilliant service and help all the way through. Go on and just try there services for being thrilled .


What a fab company to deal with, it’s a long time that I have been served greatly while shopping , within days I am wearing my new watch Rolex Daytona and feeling great……. Safe to say I would never think of buying a watch any where else and a massive credit goes to the team of delawrence Watches.. many many thanks .


From start to finish whole deal was smooth and delawrence watches team was so helpful.They were very friendly in giving me time to select which watch should I buy.Will definitely be looking to purchase another one soon .


Thankyou for the excellent level of service that delawrence watches has given me for the purchase of Rolex Gmt Master 2. It arrived next day, was well protected and all was in order.The watch is fantastic and I am loving it, A really good job on all fronts. I’ll definitely be recommending delawrence watches to others, aswell as keeping an eye on the stock for future purchase.


Very impressed with delawrence watches team .Very knowledgeable, trust worthy and professional, Couldn’t Recommend them more highly …. …. ….….


Customer service was very great! very conservative and high standarad business attitude.Overall very pleased with there services which has encouraged me to do business with them again in the future.


Very pleased with the Breitling watch I have just purchased.If this is what replica watches are like ,I don’t think I,ll ever buy a original one.Superb service .Highly recommended!


Thank you to all the team of delawrence watches for providing a great service .I am absolutely overwhelmed with my tag heuer grand carrera 657,and would definitely recommend delawrence watches to anyone who’s looking to buy a new watch


I was amazed by there customer service department, because I bought a rolex and in 5 month an error occurred that my date changing option was stucked,I called them and just mailed my watch, they responded wonderfully and within a week my watch was ok.


Firstly I was a bit nervous in the purchase of mobile because I haven’t buy a mobile in my life without watching it but when I talked to them and when they told me about its feature I got excited and I bought it ,and now I am loving it and because in my city Lahore I haven’t seen this model and u know how much fun is to keep a unique thing.